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  • A pudding to die for

    A pudding to die for…I could live on the canap├ęs.

  • Where does she live

    Where does she live, will she come to Aberdeen?

  • The guests were not only bouncing

    The guests were not only bouncing from the champagne and wine, but the truly delicious food.

  • How far south

    How far south will she come?

  • We were so impressed

    We were so impressed with your professional, efficient and cheerful service throughout and have received many complimentary remarks from the guests about the delicious food and the beautiful marquee.

  • We all looked at each other

    We all looked at each other and said ‘No need to worry, Sarah is in charge. It will be perfect’. Indeed it was superb and quite faultless and helped so much to make the perfect day.

  • We loved the marquee

    We loved the marquee – the layout was perfect.

  • Much favourable comment

    The meal and marquee attracted much favourable comment from all our guests.

  • The staff were delightful

    The staff were delightful, the food delicious and the marquee was immaculate.

  • The marquee looked fantastic

    The marquee looked fantastic.

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