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  • The food was excellent

    The food was excellent … and the marquee magical.

  • ... an enormous thank you

    … an enormous thank you for the wonderful service you provided for us on our wedding day. The marquee looked stunning, both inside and out, and the food was exquisite. In addition, both of you and your teams were sensational, wonderfully efficient and a pleasure to deal with. Your efforts really did help to make our day truly memorable.

  • What a wonderful wedding!

    What a wonderful wedding! It was just as we hoped for and wouldn’t have been possible without you! The meticulous planning, attention to detail and the most delicious meal all delivered with such charm and consideration … each and every guest was delighted by it all.

  • Another triumph!!

    Another triumph!! Even better than before, if that is possible! If you ever have a potential customer who needs a reference, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

  • According to the cards and notes we are receiving

    According to the cards and notes we are receiving it was an exceptional day – all in no small part due to you Sarah and all at Bakerwood. The food was delicious and just right for the day … how you managed to pull it all off for that number of people I don’t know but keep doing it – you’ve got it right!!!

  • The marquee looked superb

    The marquee looked superb, enhanced the occasion and was commented on by many who were there. I would be pleased to reassure any of your potential clients that they need have no fears if they purchase the Bakerwood package, but given the way your reputation is spreading I suspect that will be unnecessary.

  • She wanted a fairytale wedding

    … she wanted a fairytale wedding … We asked her on Sunday if she had got her fairytale and she said that she really had. The food was superb, the marquee was excellent and your team of helpers were charming, courteous and complemented the whole process enormously.

  • I'm vegetarian but

    I’m vegetarian but I nearly converted when I saw the chicken!

  • Without your enthusiasm and sheer hard work

    Without your enthusiasm and sheer hard work and support the whole event would not have been possible and it goes without saying that this contributed towards the evening being a hugely successful and memorable occasion.

  • It was wonderful - a truly memorable day

    It was wonderful – a truly memorable day. Your attention to detail was brilliant. The spotlights on the flowers in the evening were just magical. We are getting never-ending compliments saying how wonderful everything was.

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