Marquee flooring system

Bakerwood marquees go where others can’t!

A key ingredient for a good marquee is a flat floor, therefore if a marquee is ever going to look right it has to be constructed on a level surface, despite reassurances to the contrary, very few sites are ever flat. We frequently survey prospective sites half expecting to see a bowling green only to find something more akin to crazy golf!

Fortunately the Bakerwood flooring system eliminates all these problems and solves a few more to. Known as sub structure floor, we firstly construct a level steel framework over the undulating ground before inserting wooden floorboards. This whole structure then becomes the foundation upon which the marquee framework is attached.

Whatever the site conditions, our system enables us to iron out undulations and substantial height differentials in the ground. The resultant internal floor will be uncompromised by the ground conditions below. In fact because we set the height, we can choose sites that may seem inconceivable to others.

No need to worry about:

  • Uneven undulating ground, long grass or flowerbeds
  • Large height discrepancies
  • Sloping ground
  • Soft or wet ground
  • Bridge over curbs streams and voids
  • Rising damp

And quite a few benefits:

  • Water runs under the floor rather than over it
  • Air flows underneath the floor allowing the ground to breath
  • Faster recovery of grass after dismantling
  • Floorboards securely fastened and lightly sprung underfoot
  • Covers grass, concrete, tarmac, rubble
  • An elevated floor with an enhanced view
  • Marquee framework is nice and straight with no unsightly creased canvases